Whiltex USA offers woven and non-woven fusible interlinings and trims for men's garments, women's garments as well as workwear and ethnic traditional garments

Interlining for Men's Shirts

+ Shirt collar interlining + Seam tape + Cuff interlining
+ Casual shirt interlining + Placket interlining

Interlining for Men's Suits

+ Canvas / Chest piece + Front fusing + Shoulder pad + Sleeve head
+ Lapel interlining + Under collar felt + Armhole reinforcement

Interlining for Arabic Garments

+ Laminated collar interlining + Laminated placket & front panel interlining
+ Laminated cuff interlining

Interlining for Women's Garments

+ Small area non-woven interlining + Collar band interlining + Large area knit interlining + Waist band interlining + Denim interlining
+ Embroidery reinforcement + Shoulder pad, Sleeve head, Armhole reinforcement + Hem tape
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